Ugerst quest

2nd Class Change

At level 45, players are able to receive their 2nd class change quest. Quest starts in Peltrok from Ugerst.

Step 1Edit

Talk to Ugerst and he will give you the quest "Need for Power I".

Quest-need for new power1

The quest require you to talk to Kilias in Berneo.

Step 2Edit

Once you take the quest to Kilias, he will give you a new quest called "Need for New Power II"

Quest-need for power2

This quest require you to go back to Ugerst in Peltrok.

Step 3Edit

Ugerst will now give your 3rd quest in this chain called "Proving Worth". You will need to head to a dungeon called Gelmenco's Den.

Quest-proving worth

Step 4Edit

Speak to the warp npc in Peltrok and select Dragonhead's Market. When you get there, talk to the npc to enter dungeon.

Gelmencos den

Once inside the dungeon, you will need to search for monster that will drop your quest items. Please follow the mini map posted below.

Gelmencos map1

1. You'll want to head south according to mini map.

Gelmencos map2

2. Continue following the mini map.

Gelmencos map3

3. Take the portal when you reach this point.

Gelmencos map4

4. Once you take the portal, you will be ported to a new area according to mini map.

Gelmencos map5

5. Make your way to the red circle in on the mini map. This whole area will have the Archer Guard that you need.

Gelmencos map6

6. North of the area with archers, you will find the Predator and Marksman that you need. Look at mini map for more detail.

Step 5Edit

Once you have gathered your required quest items. Head back to Peltrok and speak with Ugerst.

Quest proving worth2
Quest final1
Quest final3
Quest final2

Ugerst will give you the last part for Proving Worth. You will need to take this Document of Approval to Kilias in Berneo.

Final StepEdit

Once you talk to Kilias he will give your quest reward.

This is your 2nd class change ticket.

Quest reward

Congratulation on finishing this quest. XxBitSxx 21:54, June 23, 2012 (UTC)