Most towns have a Useable Items Shop, sometimes listed as Consumable Items Merchant. These shops not only can provide you with potions for Health and Mana, but wind potions for speed, and a multitude of other items.

Possibly the most important feature of these shops, is their willingness to purchase nearly anything your character picks up. during your adventure in Rosh.

To the right, is Eileen. Eileen is the Usable Items Shop Merchany in Berneo, your starting area.


Double Clicking Eileen, (or a single Right click) will access the menu for the shop. Three options are available: Store (Buy and Sell), Craft, and Convert Equipment and Attribute Item. For now, we will go over Buying and Selling.


Selecting the Store (Buy and Sell) option form the list, will open the NPC Shop screen. Shops in different cities will sell potions of varying quality based on the reqion.


Choosing to Bulk Buy, will bring up a screen that allows you to select the quantity of items you wish to purchase.


This menu will default to 100 but can be adjusted by the arrows, or by typing the quantity you desire into the numerical window. When the number you wish to purchase is displayed, press OK.

To sell Items to the NPC store, just right click the item (or stack of items) in your inventory. Those items will be automatically sold to the vendor. Some items, such as potions, default to singular sale. That is, only a single potion will be sold if you right click or drag the potion to the window, as you would other items. These items can also be sold in a stack, but to do so, you must hold the shift key, and drag the item to the vendor window.


Again, the unit selection screen will pop up. The maximum number of items will be the default number, if you do not wish to sell all items, select the quantity you DO wish to sell, and click OK.

Sooner or later, you will have the pleasure of accidentally selling an item. Thankfully, Rosh has equipped the vendors with a Repurchase option.


To repurchase an item you have recently sold, select the Repurchase tab at the top of the store window. This will allow you to see the list of items you have recently sold, and give you the option to buy back an item or items sold by mistake.


Simply select the item you wish to buy back...


And click Purchase! It's as easy as that.

To exit the shop, click the X in the top right corner.

You can also click Cancel, which will return you to the Shop Keeper Menu.

Pressing ESC twice will allow you to close out the Shop Keeper Talk screen.

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