Character Creation Screen

Rosh Online offers seven different classes of adventurers to choose.

  • Mystic ​Spell Caster able to choose to focus on damage (Mage) or healing (Cleric)
  • Bowmistress Experts at dealing rapid physical damage from a distance
  • Blader 2 Handed Sword or Spear, choose a primary method of destruction
  • Paladin True tank and coveted support character with buffs and minor healing
  • Rogue Wields swords (Duelist) or daggers (Assassin) , but rest assured no Blader envy. Dual weapon fighting style.
  • Gunner Build items or blow them up. Crafter with powerful guns


Each Character will have several choices for focusing more and more on a particular path. For example all characters have paths that lean toward individual targets (PvP) or several targets (PvE). There is also another tree at higher levels to really specialize in unique playing styles.

Class AdvancementEdit

All classes have the opportunity to advance at the same rate. Some advancement levels only offer increase in current stats while others offer the choice of fine tuning the already choose path. All advancements are through an advancement trainer.

1st advancement - lvl 10


This first advancement gives the opportunity to choose the first path as well as rewarding a basic mount.

Feel free to ask fellow Rushers for preferences. The descriptions give detail about PvP and PvE paths. Basically one target or several.

2nd advancement - lvl 45