The Blessings of Fletta

A special buff, known as the Blessing of Fletta, provides the player with an extremely useful buff that grants the player a certain bonus percentage to any experience gained. You can learn more about it below.

1. First you must accumulate some Fletta Points (FP) by defeating monsters.

2. Once you've accumulated 10 FPs, the Blessing of Fletta will appear. An icon appears on the right side of the screen to let you know it is active.

Fletta3 01

3. As long as the buff lasts, you will get the displayed bonus to experience gained. The bonus percentage increases as you collect more FPs, up to 6%.

Fletta3 02

4. The buff will only last as long as you keep a certain amount of FPs accumulated. If you spend too many FPs, the Blessing will disappear.