The Revolutionary Fletta System

Fletta is a form of energy which is absorbed by slaying monsters throughout the world. Players can accumulate this energy as Fletta Points (FP). FP can be used in many different ways, from crafting to empowering weapons and armor!


Fletta Gem Equipment

Fletta gem equipment comes in two varieties: weapons and armor. These items automatically adjust and upgrade themselves to best support the wearer meaning Fletta items don't need to be replaced because you can never outgrow them!

Creating Fletta Gem Equipment

1. First acquire a fair amount of Fletta Points (FP) by slaying monsters.

2. Now visit the Usable Items Shop located in each major city.

3. Purchase as many Fletta Concentrate Containers as you have FP.


4. Open your inventory and right-click the Fletta Concentrate Containers to use them. You will now receive the item Fletta Concentrate in your inventory. This is an essential material in crafting Fletta Gem Equipment.


5. Now go visit a weaponsmith that is located in Berneo or Lupinel.

6. Upon speaking with them a crafting window will open. Click the Fletta Gem Weapon button.


7. You will need the materials and Carat listed to craft the weapon. Once you have all the materials, click the Combine button to create the Fletta Gem Weapon!


Fletta Gem Items

Compared to normal weapons, Fletta weapons have a better appearance and bonus stats as well as no minimum level requirement to use.


Enchanting Fletta Gem Items

Unlike normal items, enchanting Fletta gem items requires the assistance of an NPC specialist, the Fletta Gem Merchant.

1. Visit the Fletta Gem Merchant in Berneo or Lupinel.

2. Speak with the Fletta Gem Merchant and click the Fletta Gem Enchant button.


3. Find and select the grade and type of Fletta gem item you wish to enchant from the drop down list.


4. Make sure to have all the required materials to enchant the item. They are listed on the right side of the window.


5. Once all the materials are available, click the Execute button. Because you are making an already powerful item even more powerful, there is a chance for failure. Good luck!