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Creating a guild requires you to be at least level 10 and pay 50,000 Carats.

To go to war with another guild, your guild master must issue a declaration of war against that guild, and the guild master from that guild must accept this challenge. Once both guilds agree, all the involved guild members can engage each other at will. Killing another player from a warring guild does not incur the normal PK penalties. You still will not be able to PK someone in non-PK areas, and all the players who participate in a guild war still retain whatever penalties they previously had.

1. Once the declaration of war has been issued and accepted, the members of both guilds can freely kill each other.

2. Since the players from the opposing guild are considered an enemy, players can fight them out in the world without having to switch to PK mode first.

3. Killing opposing players during a guild war doesn't decrease their Moral Value points. However, getting killed by opposing players still incurs the usual death penalties.

4. The participating guilds can earn or lose guild points according to the outcome of the war. Any player who defeats another player from the opposing guild will earn 1 FP (if the victim doesn't have any FP upon death, the assailant doesn't get any FP).

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5. Players can check the guilds they're currently at war with through the Guild Info Window. To propose a ceasefire to any of the warring guilds, right-click on the name of that guild.

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