High-ranking Official
There are countless secrets unrevealed to the world out here.

What is High-ranking Offcial?Edit

  • The High-ranking Official are situated only in Berneo,here you craft a Special item .

What Special item ?Edit

  • The Special item are dedicated for warrior of Rosh Online to who like PvP ,there you can craft armors/weapons and accesories (PK),to craft armors/weapons/accesories you need Essence of Vrocyan,the Esence of Vrocyan are droping from all boss Slobreath,Volcano,Snow Queen,Kapilyco,Balista,Hellbeast.
Essence of Vrocyan
Essence of Vrocyan

Here you Compound Equipment or Disjoin Equipment with weapons and armors


How to Compound and Disjoin Equipment ?Edit

Compound EquipmentEdit

To Compund the normal/great armors with Pk armors drag the normal armors in Normal Equip and the Pk armors in Cpd.Material ,at final armors compunded with pk armors Yield.

Compounded gived you in armors PK Physical Defence .

This wil compound a Pk item and a normal item.The highter the item lvl of the Pk item,the better the options.

Disjoin EquipmentEdit

To Disjoin a weapons/armors drag in Disjoined items (look ,weapons are compounded with pk weapons).

To Disjoin Items you need Essence of Vrocyan.

When you Disjoin armors/weapons the item will be back at normal (no PK Physical in )

NOTE:This will disjoin the compounded items.The PK item's level remain the same,but any socketed skulls or runes will be lost

NightBladz 02:47, June 20, 2012 (UTC)