Master Apprentice Relationship

Any player, level 40 or lower, is able to ask another player, level 50 or higher, to be their mentor. A mentor should help give game tips and basic guidance to the apprentice. There is no requirement to be in the same guild to take advantage of this program. Nor is there any requirement to class. So a level 58 Paladin can be a mentor for a level 37 Gunner. Players can only have one active mentor relationship at a time.

Once the agreement is made it is the recruit’s responsibility to advance to level 50. At this point both players will get a reward. Hopefully the mentor has helped by giving advice on quests, grinding, and basic survival in the harsh world of Rosh. Once the recruit hits level 50 both parties will receive a reward in the mail.

The apprentice will receive a new permanent mount ( storm tiger ), a Fletta grade C weapon good for 30 days, and a Fletta grade B amour good for 30 days. The mentor will receive the same permanent mount, this means it is possible to go from mentor to master and be rewarded with 2 storm tiger mounts. This is actually a hindrance since the mounts cannot be banked, traded or sold. The Mentor also receives one Fletta weapon shield and one Fletta armor shield, which cannot be sold, banked, or traded.

Basically the mentor program offers free rewards for just playing the game. Take advantage of the free rewards for simply leveling and once you go from mentor to master pass your knowledge to the next person.

It is possible for either party to terminate the bond at any time. This mean a recruit could level from level 1 all the way to level 49 and terminate the mentorship and neither party would receive anything. Once the character reaches level 41 the player may not be able to choose a new mentor so it may be best to simply continue so you get your rewards.