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1. The mine takeover (MTO) is massive battle to secure a special mine in game, which produces special minerals. The guild who emerges victorious will gain control of the mine for a certain period of time. The members of the guild that owns the mine are exempt from paying the entrance fee to that mine.

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2. The beginning of a takeover is announced to everyone in the channel.

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3. To participate in a mine takeover, players must talk to the Mine Keeper NPC located in front of the mine at least 20 hours before the takeover. The participation fee is 100,000 Carats. Only the guild masters from guilds that have at least 20 people registered (including the guild master) can issue a mine takeover through the Mine Keeper NPC.

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4. The takeover lasts for an hour. Whichever guild controls the Battle Gem at the end wins. To get close to the Battle Tower, you can either rush through one of the openings in the perimeter wall or destroy the battle trap which is blocking one of the entrances.

The Battle Gem is guarded by the Battle Tower. Players must destroy the tower first to capture the Battle Gem.

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5. The winner of a takeover gains control of the mine until the next takeover begins.

- Manage Takeover Schedule: Set the next takeover schedule. - Check Contending Guilds: See the guilds that want to participate

in the next takeover.

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