Mining is a gathering activity done to obtain precious Fletta Gem Shards and other crafting materials. It is different from the other means of obtaining those items, such as hunting or completing quests.

1. To mine ore, players must equip a mining pick and find a mine. Mineral nodes can be found in mines.

Enhanced Mining Pick

2. Players can obtain many different ores, which are used in crafting a variety of items.


Material Edit

Gold Lathium

Gold Lathium A gold lathium ore (Crafting)
Red Lathium Red Lathium A red lathium (Crafting)
Blue Lathium Blue Lathium A blue lathium (Crafting)
Magical Stone Magical Stone A magical stone containing Fletta inside (Crafting)
CondensedBloodStone Condensed Blood Stone A stone condensed with monster blood.It seems to have formed when the monster underwent great stress right before it died. (Crafting)
Fletta Gem Shard Fletta Gem Shard An essential material for crafting a Fletta item.You can get it from gathering activities such as fishing or mining (Crafting)
Elemental Bound Magic Stone Elemental Bound Magic Stone A magic stone that has an elemental bound inside.A mysterious energy surrounds it. (Crafting)
Charcoal Charcoal A burnt piece of wood cord that was heated without oxygen. (Crafting)
Reinforcing Agent Reinforcing Agent A material tempered out of Enhance Stones (Crafting)
Shard Earth Spirit Shard of Earth Spirit Lv1 A material that is needed to craft an Earth Spirit Lv1. (Crafting)
Shard Earth Spirit Shard of Earth Spirit Lv2. A material that is needed to craft an Earth Spirit Lv2. (Crafting)
Iron Ore Iron Ore Used in crafting various weapons. (Crafting)

Topaz Gemstone

Topaz Gemstone An uncut topaz gemstone (Crafting)
Big Topaz Gemstone Big Topaz Gemstone A big topaz gemtone
Ruby Gemstone Ruby Gemstone An uncut ruby gemstone (Crafting)
Big Ruby Gemstone Big Ruby Gemstone A big ruby gemstone
Amethyst Gemstone Amethyst Gemstone An uncut amethyst gemstone (Crafting)
Big Diamond Gemstone Big Diamond Gemstone A big diamond gemstone
Bone Powder Bone Powder Powder made of fine graied bones.Used in crafting items.(Crafting)
Emerald Gemstone Emerald Gemstone A bright green gemstone (Crafting)
Sapphire Gemstone Sapphire Gemstone An uncut sapphire gemstone (Crafting)
Big Sapphire Gemstone Big Sapphire Gemstone A big sapphire gemstone
Skull Fragment Skull Fragment A skull fragment in good condition
Spirit Stone Spirit Stone Used in crafting items (Crafting)

In order to control the mine see:

Mine Takerover ( MTO )

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