This article is designed to help new players find their way and their role within the game, you will find that each class has its advantages and disadvantages.

Getting StartedEdit

With Rosh Online:the Return of Karos installed into your computer, and your account made, you are ready to tackle the lands of Asmara, almost. First thing is first, you have to choose what kind of server you want to play on. After logging on, you will see a column with the word CREATE and to the right you will see a list of all the server names. Good to know what is PvE and PvP:

PvE (Short for Player Vs Environment)

This type is for people who like to simply kill monsters and avoid battling other players. This type is perfect for people who are new to MMORPGs.

PvP (Short for Player Vs Player)

This type is geared toward people who like to do battle with other players. All players are free to attack other players at will, granted that they are not in town. However, the reverse is true, so other players are free to attack you when you are out of town. Guilds within PvP primarily focus on gaining "honor" by battling other guilds. The only downfall to this are the infamous "gankers", or players (usually who are a high level) who run around killing players that are significantly low level.

Character CreationEdit

Character Creation is the last step on the road to adventuring in Rosh online:The Return of Karos. This part of the game lets you create a unique character that will represent you in the world.

The next step in character creation is class selection. Classes are basically how you want to play the game. Would you rather be absoring damage or dealing it? Do you prefer to get up and personal with your enemies or do you prefer to sit back and fire bolts of magic at them? Click here for into on all the different classes. Keep in mind the classes are gender specific so all Palidins are female and all Rouges are male and so forth. Currently there is only one server with a single channel so no need to verify with friends which server they are playing on.

First QuestEdit

When you first arrive to Rosh there will be an old man and several spiders cralwing about. Click the old man and he will give you a quest to kill spiders. Notice once the quest is selected there will be an arrow over the characters head point them in the right direction to complete or turn in quests. For a more detailed look into your first quest, be sure to visit Let's Get Questing - A Beginner's Guide in the guides section.