One of the weapon choices for Rogues.

Off Hand Swords:

- 1st - Spatha: Basic weapon of any Asmaran army

- 2nd - Angi's Swords: A pair of thin swords with a cold glow as a result of a unique tempering process

- 3rd - Flame Swords: A pair of thin swords with its blades resembling flames that inflicts deadly cut wounds

- 4th - Cutlass: A ceremonial weapon of any Asmaran army

- 5th - Falchion: A pair of unique swords with curved blades that broadens as it reaches the tip

- 6th - Pale Blades: A curved sword with it's blade glowing white, as the name suggests. Its grip and blade is delicately designed

- 7th - Killing Swords: A sword with a sole purpose of existence which is to cut down your opponents

- 8th - Core Swords: A sword optimized for the swordplay of the Shadow race

- 9th - Mirage Swords: A pair of special swords designed to maximize the wielder's attack speed

- 10th - Karma Swords: A pair of swords engraved with the names of the enemies of the Shadow race. Engraving the names of victims on swords is the cruel tribe's unique custom to remember who they've killed