There's a Rosh Guide (a type of auto bot system)

  • To activate the Rosh Guide follow the steps:click K buton to wiew the Skill windows
  • Then click the Action tab.


  • Then click and drag/assign the mouse icon to you hotkey
  • After you assign the Rosh Guide at your chosen hotkey,right click on it


  • Click on box to activate the auto-item feature. Your character will carry out functions and tasks automatically based on the preferences you've set. Your character can carry out tasks functions such as automatic HP/MP healing when Health/Mana is depleted below a certain percentage, automatic teleporting, automatic and simultaneous skill cast.
  • Click on the box to activate the auto-hotbar feature.This one will let your character use his/her skill depends on the casting time (second) command.
  • Click on the box to activate the auto targeting-features.On that part,you may choose to filter monters or kill a monster that is within your range
  • Click on the box to activate the use auto-loot.It will make your character to be able to loot automatically after killing the monster
  • After you complete your RG customization, you may click the Start/Stop button to start the bot or stop the bot. Default Shortkeys " ] = closed square bracket, this is to start & stop. "[ = closed square bracket, this is to Open and close the rosh guide

NOTE: If your Rosh Guide ran out (0%),just do it manually it will make your Roush Guide cooldown so that you can use it again. Also, the use of automatic skillcast and automatic loot depletes your bot time quicker. If you want to make use of the ROSH guide while still playing, I would recommend using only the "auto-item feature" while manually targeting and skill casting. Your ROSH Guide often stays above 99% as a result.