Wings! Though they don't help you fly they do give nice buffs. Not only that they look cool! Who wouldn't want wings. However, don't expect to grind for an hour and be able to craft the wings yourself. They are only for the fierce, dedicated, and lucky Roshers who give blood, sweat, and tears. Though the necessary supplies are costly the end result is well worth it. Essence of Vrocyan can be found from boss drops, Power From a Fairy Wings from Half-Fairy drops on various maps, Holy Creature's Feathers from disarming armor, Angel's Marks from boss drops in Floating Island, and Demon's Marks from boss drops in Demonic Tower.


In order to craft wings visit any local Craftsman.

Wings of ChaosEdit


Attack: 40-90

M. Atk Power: 36-90

Defense: 180

M. Def: 25

Min Lvl: 45

Angel's WingsEdit


M. Atk Power: 36-90

Max. HP: +1004

Max. MP +328

Min Lvl: 50

Defense: 180 ( increases when enchanted )

Skill attack power: +3.00%

Demon's WingsEdit

Wings awakened by the power of darkness.


Attack: 36 - 90

M. Attack Power: 40 - 90 ( Increases when enchanted )

Defense: 180

M. Def: 25 ( Increases when enchanted )

Min. Lvl.: 50

Max HP: +666

Max MP: +666

Skill Attack Power: +3%